Sherab Namgyal / June 24, 2013

Tendil Nyersel prayer flags available to order


The prayer flags (one of of the Long Life practices requested for Lama Zopa Rinpoche – for full details see the post dated April 24) are now ready.

The prayer flags are available in strings of 25 flags,(about 8 meter long), or 10 flags per string (about 3.20 long) .
The size of each flag is 30 x 50 cm.
The flags and the shipping charge are free.

Instruction for ordering the flag:

Click on this link to view the flag:
Find a detailed description there on how to order.

Delivery is by normal postal parcel and will take up to three weeks. Please note that to receive the free shipping, you have to click on ‘ Free Shipping’ in the shipping page.

You can ask for express delivery for the flag – Express Delivery:
Please mention in the comment box of the order For express delivery, please make a donation of a minimum of 20 US$ through the PayPal link on the Kopan web site.
This will cover the additional cost for express delivery of about 2 rolls of 25 flags or three rolls of 10 flags.
Please add 20 US$ for each additional 2 rolls of 25, or 3 rolls of 10 flags.

With many thanks to Ven Fran and the team at Kopan Monastery.